What we offer

Unpainted or ready finished Furniture?

The idea behind our unpainted furniture is to enable you to achieve a high end, traditional brush painted finish, such as that offered expensively by various well known brand names, but at a much more sensible price. Once painted, the furniture looks like traditional joinery. It is not intended that the furniture be  spray painted for a modern look – if you want a completely finished product we offer that on our sister website www.diyfitted.com.

Made to Measure

All of our items can be made to any size – height, width or depth. You can can order direct from the shop pages or get in touch with us so that we can discuss your requirements and if required produce a 3D CAD image or room plan for you. You can order a single item or a complete fitted bedroom, home office or kitchen. As items are bespoke sizes are in millimeters as it allows for a wide range of sizes (10 mm = 1 cm), although we are happy to talk to you in centimeters or feet and inches if you prefer.


You can order from the range of sizes on the shop page, or order bespoke sizes. To order  bespoke sizes select the next size up – so if you want a wardrobe 2144mm high and 944 mm wide, then order a 2200 x 1000 wardrobe and then enter the actual size required in the text box. Before we make anything we will double check your requirements with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. If you prefer to discuss your requirements with a human being, we are very happy to do that on the phone or in person. If you are within striking distance we have a showroom and CAD design studio where we can discuss your design ideas. You are also welcome to have a tour of the factory to see how your furniture is made.   

Fitted or freestanding

Furniture can be made to be fitted, or to be freestanding. Fitted furniture usually has extra material added where units and worktops meet the walls so that they can be scribed to fit. We have over thirty years of experience of designing and fitting fitted furniture and are happy to discuss your requirements and produce a computer design for your room.

Supplied complete

Whenever it is practical, units are delivered assembled. Where that is impractical – for example wardrobes and very large chests of drawers – they will be delivered ready to assemble with all fittings required. All hinges, rails, drawer boxes, handles etc. will be included. The only items you need to supply yourselves are the screws used to attach the furniture to your walls where required.

Interior finish

You can choose to have your furniture supplied unfinished for painting inside and out, or we can supply the furniture with the insides pre-finished in white or beech, leaving only the external parts to be painted. This is worth considering if your job is large such as a fully fitted bedroom as there can be a lot of surface to paint on the inside.

Painting your furniture

As mentioned, the intention is that you go for a brush finish. You can  achieve a quality finish with four coats – two primers, and two top coats. We recommend an acrylic primer/undercoat which has the advantage of being quick drying so that you can follow on with subsequent coats within an hour or so. Blackfriars make an excellent MDF primer undercoat, but any good acrylic primer will do. For the finish you can choose a satin type finish by Crown, Dulux or the like (please note that this is what many high end hand painted kitchen, bedroom and study companies use, although they probably decant it into a plain paint can before you see it!) or your favourite ‘Stoats Whisper’ type brand. As with any painting, it is the preparation that determines the quality of finish. Our doors are cleanly machined using diamond cutters from a quality board suitable for painting with a sanded surface finish. A pre-sand to the machined parts of the design, and sanding after the first coat of primer are key to the end result. Brushing all coats along what would be the grain direction on a timber door gives a pleasing result.


We deliver on our own vehicles as experience has taught us that using other carriers results in an unintentional ‘distressed’ finish. We charge for delivery but that means that your furniture gets to you in one piece and in good condition. You are more than welcome to collect from our factory in Coalville, Leicestershire. LE67 3HE.