Size guide - what and how to order.

All items are available made to any size. 

Our furniture is made from flat sheet materials – perfect for bedroom furniture, kitchens, studies, cupboards and bookcases. We do not make items with curving timber legs and the like – you will get an idea of what we can make from the images on this site. The shop page will give you a guide to the usual maximum sizes, but if you have a particular need for something outside of these then speak to us and we will see whether it is practical.

Unit widths

Single door unit widths are between 300 mm and 600 mm.

Double door unit widths are between 601 mm and 1200 mm.

Drawers can be any width from 250 mm up to 1200 mm. Our drawers have steel sides and 18 mm bases, so are sturdy at wider widths, although it is usually sensible to keep drawers a practical size.

Unit heights & lengths

We use 18 mm thick board to make the furniture. The maximum panel size  in one piece is 2500 mm, so that dictates the maximum height of any units made in one piece. Chests of drawers can be any height, but bear in mind that the narrowest drawer-front height is 150 mm. You can order any height but below are typical drawer unit heights which will ensure drawers will line up if you put different height chests next to each other. We will let you know if we don’t think your choice is practical to make.

Two drawer chest (eg: bedside chest) 535 mm plus worktop

Three drawer chest (eg: dressing table height) 750 mm plus work top

Four drawer chest 965 mm plus top

Five drawer chest 1180 mm plus top

Unit depths

You can order any depth of unit, but typical depths are:

Wardrobes 535 mm internal depth – some people prefer 600 mm.

Base cupboard depth – 460 mm depth which allows for the sides to be scribed to your walls if required.

Drawer units. Our usual drawer box is 400 mm deep which sits in a unit with 460 mm deep sides allowing for scribing to your walls. Speak to us if you require deeper drawer boxes.



As units can be single or part of a run ( where you will want a one-piece top to cover all units in one piece)  worktops are ordered separately and are not included in the price of the chests and cupboards. You may also want to use a separately sourced top material in a kitchen or bathroom. 

Worktops for painting can be made from 18 mm or 25 mm material. In that case of 25 mm thick tops the maximum length is 2400 mm.

Design ideas and advice

We are happy to talk through any questions and design ideas that you have, and can produce  CAD plans of your single piece or complete room design. Call us on 01530 830029.